phpHiveAdmin 0.09 beta2 released

1. Fix Select/Deselect All tables on dbStructure.php(hivefans)

2. User authentication set to 3 leveled privilege, superadmin(admin all), dbadmin(admin onlydb), user(select onlydb only), add a “role” line in accesslist.ini. The three leveled privileges keywords are “superadmin”, “dbadmin”, “user”.
3. Add table name and column name auto-complete in sqlQuery.php Continue reading

phpHiveAdmin 0.09 beta1 released (important update)

0.09 beta1
1. Remove Schema ThriftSchema QueryPlan from navigation of top frame, because it seems useless for any one
2. Fix 2 english words, add Deutsch language translation sets(from google translate)
3. Bug fix: Fix a session bug, may did a php-fpm lock down when doing a result file download, it caused by using download, but the session file had lost first or session lose effectiveness before. Continue reading

0.08b2 Release bug fix

There was a fatal bug I found in 0.08 beta 2 release previously , it may cause query and hdfs browser can not be used. The problem is from a php variable bug. So if you download previous 0.08 beta2 zip archieve, you can fix it manually , or download the new 0.08beta2 zip archieve that I released yesterday. The new zip had also been sychronize to github, googlecode, and sourceforge. Continue reading

phpHiveAdmin 0.08 beta2

0.08 beta2
1. Bug fix: A sql with symbol “plus” (+) in an HQL may cause a fatal error.
2. Remove all default queries with “limit” by using thrift, all queries are using map/reduce,
but add 2 lines preview on sql query inputing page
3. Simple HQL query Assembler is on developing.
4. Limited user can not use “set” statment, it means you may not use “set” Continue reading